Levels of Sedation


For your comfort we provide local anesthetics for all procedures, some patients require a relaxing

Agent of some kind, Nitric Oxide ( laughing gas) is the lowest form of sedation. The good news is after

the Nitric Oxide a patient can breath Oxygen for five minutes and the gas clears the body quickly. The

patient can then drive themselves.Levels of sedation

Oral Sedation and IV sedation require a consult to see what is best going to serve you. Many patients

take medications, and the possible interactions of those medications need to be assessed prior to your

appointment. In the case of both these forms of sedation we need to insist that a driver accompany you

to and from the appointment as you are not to operate a motor vehicle for 24hours. We also need to

the have the patient NPO for 6 hours. This means no eating or drinking fluids prior to the procedure.

IV sedation is most often what is used in an outpatient clinic. YOU are NOT in an unconscious state,

more like a twilight, arousable , sleep, you can be aroused and mobilized or moved if needed, although

most people do not remember having their procedure done. DEEP sedation ( Unconscious Sedation ) is

most often done in a hospital operating room.

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