Amalgam Replacement and Removal

Amalgam Replacement and Removal

When we are removing mercury from the body, or mercury fillings from the mouth, we are

extremely cautious of mercury vapor. The IAOMT protocol calls for cutting the filling into large

chunks as opposed to “grinding“out the filling. Grinding would release more vapor. Removal is

done under constant irrigation, so that water and particulates are suctioned up immediately.

A rubber dam is used by some doctors to isolate the tooth. In my opinion because of the clamp

needed to be placed onto the tooth this might be actually funneling the particulate right into

the tooth-gum attachment, or sulcus. IN effect it might be leading the mercury pieces to the

blood area, (sulcus). For that reason, I do not always use a dam; each case is evaluated as to

the risk, there are other techniques capable of isolating without this device. Isolite is one such

device, each case is individual and it might be used for you.

We will have you breathe oxygen through your nose during the procedure to get fresh oxygen

and to prevent you from breathing through your mouth as that is where any vapors are being

released from the fillings being sectioned. SO it is very important to be able to take air through

your nose. If you have a cold, sinus issues or mouth breathing issues then please inform us.

We use mercury vapor fans in the room, along with a fancy “SHOP VAC” to pull vapors away

from your area and away from us.

It is possible that you may need a slight bite adjustment of the tooth filling a day or two after

the procedure. Realize fillings are placed when you are numb and sometimes when numb and

checking the bite we cannot get you to close the same as when you are not numb. Call the

office if you feel the filling or fillings are not hitting right when closing.


Chelation means literally to “grab” or to “claw”. The chelator is an agent that grabs the

unwanted molecule out of the blood and then binds with it, to allow the body to get rid of

it in your urine or feces. Chelation during and after amalgam removal is a GOOD thing. All

precautions are taken but in the event of more exposure this is just smart to do.

Once the amalgam is removed, then chelation can be achieved working with a physician that

understands toxicity , they can do chelation via IV chelation, using a variety of chelators. This is

a medical procedure and carries some risk. I prefer to utilize nutritional chelators. The strong

antioxidants Vitamin C, D, E and A are always good but might not be strong enough. These and

a good plant derived Vitamin program is a must. Many exist on the market, feel free to discuss

with us. Other nutritional substances often used may include, Chlorophyll, Charcoal, N-Acteyl

Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione to name a few. Many of our patients are working with

a chiropractor , naturopath, or MD, since they may have referred you I would ask them what

they recommend for the detoxification post removal.

For our patients that have asked us to remove their fillings for replacement , understand no

guarantee of health improvement can be given. We can ascertain after removal, that you

have no more mercury burden due to your amalgams. There are other sources of mercury in

our environment, and total body burden might be great. There again the reason to consider a

detoxification program.

Then Xango juice ( mangosteen) is a great nutritional aid and due to the properties of being a

strong natural anti-inflammatory agent, a strong antioxidant , and a heavy metal chelator, I use

it personally as well as many of the staff and recommend it no matter what your nutritional

status. Again as a post operative supplement it just makes good common sense.

We can discuss how you can get this product delivered to door step. We generally maintain a

stock of juice on site. We charge the wholesale cost only with tax and delivery.

We recommend for the day of and for two weeks post removal to dose with the juice , two

ounces three times per day , with a lot of fresh filtered water. This is because the active

ingredients, the xanthones, have a four to six hour half life in the blood. Of course it is a juice

and it does not have any side effects , therefore more is not an issue. It is a super-nutritious


Shilajit is an ingredient in another product we recommend. It is called, Xalo, again it is another

unique product that includes mangosteen, shilajit, lychee, leucine, GABA, and grape seed

extracts as some of the unique blend. It is packaged in a packet that is mixed with water in a

shaker. We recommend taking this product the night before the procedures, 1-2 hours before

bedtime. The shilajit is a super strong Chelator and also a stong anti-inflammatory and anti

oxidant . Again these are properties of a natural , and safe nutriceutical that can help

Why use a drug when a food can do the job?

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