Anderson Rays of Hope Orphanage

Anderson Rays of Hope Orphanage

We are excited to announce that as of February 9th, 2024, we have opened the first building for the Children’s Home and have our first two residents, twin girls Hope and Jane.

For more than 10 years, we support education across East Africa through our Giving Hands Non-Profit Organization [501(c)3]. But in 2022, we started our most impactful project yet… an educational orphanage in the hometown of our executive director, Mutune Mutisya.
As our partners in this ministry, we want you to join us as we take this journey of loving and serving abandoned children (ages 0-18) in Machakos, Co., Kenya.

anderson rays of hope orphanage opening day

An Introduction to Orphanhood in Africa

Africa has a staggering number of orphaned children, with estimates suggesting that over 50 million children in Africa have lost one or both parents. Orphaned children face unique challenges including poverty, malnutrition, lack of access to education and healthcare, and discrimination.

One of the main challenges that orphaned children in Africa face is poverty. Many children are forced to live on the streets, scavenging for food and shelter. They are often exposed to violence, exploitation, and abuse, and are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. Poverty also limits their access to education, healthcare, and other basic necessities, making it difficult for them to break the cycle of poverty and improve their future prospects.

Without adequate nutrition, children are more susceptible to illness and disease and may suffer from stunted growth and cognitive development. Malnutrition also exacerbates the effects of other challenges such as poverty and lack of access to healthcare, making it even more difficult for orphaned children to thrive.

Many children are unable to attend school due to financial constraints, discrimination, or the need to work to support themselves and their families. Without education, these children are unable to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their lives and break the cycle of poverty.

Discrimination is also a significant challenge faced by orphaned children in Africa. Children who have lost one or both parents are often stigmatized and discriminated against by society, making it difficult for them to access healthcare, education, and other services. This discrimination can also lead to social isolation, further exacerbating the challenges faced by these children.

However, among all of the obstacles faced by Orphans in Africa, the lack of governmental support may be among the greatest. Many African governments struggle to provide adequate resources to support orphaned children due to limited funding and competing demands for resources. This lack of support makes the already existing lack of basic necessities experienced by so many orphaned children in Africa an even greater obstacle to success.

It is for these reasons that nonprofit organizations like Giving Hands are so involved in Africa. Our orphanage, “Anderson Rays of Hope” will provide a safe, clean, educational, loving home for over 200 children as old as 18 and as young as newly-born.


Project Fundraising & Progress

orphanage funding progress

Target: $ 165,000



  • February: First building completed
  • February 9th: Opening  & we took in our first 2 residents

Raised: $ 80,000

Since we initiated the project, the construction of Anderson Rays of Hope has received 58% of the funding needed for the first construction phase and first year of operation. As of January 2023, we have raised over $80,000.

Needed: $ 98,000

We still need to raise $98,000.

Would you consider helping us expand the orphanage?

It is amazing what hard work and dedication can amount to. Join our vision for the future for children in need of a home and care.

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